Why Don’t You Mind Your Own Business?

Mind Your Own Business!” Heard by everyone, used at least once by someone. “Mind Your Own Business” The statement used by someone who does not want you in their affairs.

Mind your own business…The Battle cry for the successful entrepreneur. How so you ask?

How many successful people do you know, who do not invest their time and energy into what they do? How many successful business do you know who do not have a committed owner\operator.

Everyday people all around who excel in their professions have their mind on one thing: The Business at hand

One day my cousin and I went to a department store to buy some clothes, my cousin John a picky young man decided that he wanted socks. We plowed into the men’s clothing department with a zeal of adventures. Tirelessly I waited for him to make a simple decision about socks. Eventually he decided on a group of thick socks to keep his feet warm during the winter. We walked towards the cashier, and a older gentleman stopped my cousin. John smiled at him and they talked about his business, and then John asked him a strange question. I found it odd that John would ask him the question, after all they were discussing his restaurant, and it’s growth, the amount of guests he was serving, so why would a simple questions like: “How are Marci and the Kids?” Be so odd?

My cousin John is a point of sale technician, he repairs and services point of sale computers, all over in San Diego county and several in the Los Angeles area.

John is a picky man in his private life, but in his business life, he is involved in his customers well being, their families, their business.

Because John’s Business is their business. By taking the time and energy to get to know their business’, he was minding his business. He took the extra step to understand, their business, and life, because that’s what he does. He “Minds His Own Business”. Entrepreneurs all over the world focus themselves to reach that extra level that many of us dream of, but hesitate to achieve. It is the spark for a fire that makes a business thrive and burn.

Success is not gained by allowing yourself to just let your business run itself the moment it starts, your Job is to “Mind Your Own Business” so that when it’s time to let it run, it does so, just like a wild fire.

How many business ventures have you attempted and failed, how many have succeeded? Of the ones that did can you say that “Minding your own business” was the reason why it succeeded? If it failed did you hold the attitude to keep it going?

Success can be hard and long, it can be gratifying, and even painful, but as long as we “Mind our own business’” I’ve come to know success, and I think you will too.