The Advantages of Digital Products When Starting a Small Business

Ready to earn an income on the internet by starting a small business but still unsure of what type of product to market? Perhaps you may want to consider an information based product?

First let’s consider their popularity compared to physical products in terms of an internet marketing plan:

Examining your own use of the net you’ll probably notice that more times than not you are searching for information. Whether it’s who won the game last night, the advantages of a low sodium diet, or updated news on current political issues, by and large most of us use the net as a source of information. Right there we begin to realize how the internet is already commonly recognized for its ability to dispense accurate news and information. It seems only natural to continue to use these channels for what they’ve become noted for, information.

Physical products although are more tangible from the stand point that we as consumers prefer to touch, see, and compare them with other similar products. The web, by its very nature, lessens our ability to compare in this manner.

Secondly, if we’re marketing digital products, we have the ability to deliver these products to customers immediately over the internet. Think of that, no delivery costs for you and immediate customer gratification for your buyers. Physical products on the other hand involve the warehousing, handling, and shipping expenses not associated with digitally based products. Now you’re looking at a considerable cost increase in the operation of your business.

When looking at the production costs involved with information products versus physical products digital products require no need to mass produce them like you must with a physical product. A digital product is produced just ONCE then stored on your server so that it can be sent time and again, without limits, while physical products require mass production. When you consider the additional time and investment needed to produce physical products along with the possibility you may not sell out the entire inventory you have already paid to produce it’s easy to realize there’s a bigger profit margin in information products.

Lastly we need to consider the price we charge the consumer when we’re marketing online. It’s easy to understand that the lower the price the more likely it is someone will purchase a product. With the low production, storage, and distribution costs affiliated with any digital product, pricing can be kept very affordable.

In closing now that you’ve considered a few major differences in the production and marketing of digital products versus physical products when starting a small business you should be more prepared to put together a targeted marketing plan. Now take this knowledge and put it to work for you. No matter which route you take, the only other ingredient you’ll need for success is YOU!.

Start an Office Cleaning Business

Starting one of these cleaning businesses may be one of the easiest businesses to begin. All you need to get started are some cleaning supplies, and some clients, and you’re in business!

Cleaning offices is a great way to earn money because you can often start your business at night, while you still have a “day” job to pay the bills. Most offices are open during the day, and they want their offices cleaned at night, when it’s more convenient. If you want to know how to start an office cleaning business, then begin by talking with office managers or owners in your area, and find out if they are interested in your services.

Getting Started

Be sure to have an idea of what your cleaning rates are before you approach the owners, and have business cards and brochures you can leave behind. Make sure to charge competitive rates and to create a schedule that works for your client (i.e. once a week, every day, etc.). Give a written bid for your services, including rates, what you’ll include in the cleaning, and how many days per week or month you’ll clean, so you have everything in writing.

Be sure to do a great job with your clients’ cleaning, because they will tell others and your business will grow by word-of-mouth advertising, which is free, of course. As your business grows, you may decide to hire others to help you clean, or quit your day job to do the work yourself.

Do a Good Job

To start a successful office cleaning business, you’ll need to leave offices sparkling while respecting your client’s privacy. Use green or safe cleaning supplies and you may have an advantage over other cleaning services – you can use that to sell your services to new clients who will tell others about your environmentally friendly cleaning service, which is very popular right now.

Tell everyone you know that you are starting an office cleaning business, from friends and family to civic groups, supermarket checkers, and everyone you meet. You never know where these connections will lead, and word-of-mouth advertising is free, but it is also very reliable, because people trust services that others have real experience using.

Get the Right Licenses

Don’t forget when how to start office cleaning business, you’ll need to get a local business license in most areas, and if you hire people, you’ll need to pay payroll taxes and other taxes, as well. As your business continues to grow, it’s a good idea to hire an accountant or bookkeeper, so you can concentrate on selling your services and managing your cleaning crew.

How to start office cleaning business? It’s not as hard as you may think. Once you start working with one client, chances are others will begin to roll in. Just continue to use high-quality cleaning supplies, do a good job, and keep talking about your business, and you could be cleaning up all the way to the bank sometime soon!

How a Virtual Assistant Will Make Your Business Soar!

What is a virtual assistant (VA) anyway? A virtual assistant is a professional, who like you, has decided to go into business for his or her-self. VA’s are technically savvy individuals who provide their own office equipment and offer services they are highly skilled at and trained in. Their goal is to offer valuable skills and excellent project results so that you can focus on what only you can do best.

Why can’t you just hire temp help? Sure, you could, but wouldn’t you rather have someone dedicated to helping your business succeed? By engaging a VA, you are using the expertise of a business owner who can perform a range of sophisticated tasks and has the skills to get jobs done quickly and effectively. A VA already has all the training, software, equipment and office space required to start right away. There is no need to train and re-train a VA as you would with a temp or new hire. Also, when you hire people you pay them for more than their time. You pay for their personal calls, internet surfing and coffee breaks whether you acknowledge this or not.

The best ways to find a good VA are by referral or finding one who is a member of a larger virtual assistance organization, such as the International Association of Virtual Assistants VA’s who are active in industry-specific organizations tend to have more resources available to them to get a job done well. Also, additional certifications, such as QuickBooks Pro Advisor, can help indicate the credibility of a VA.

When first contacting a VA, instead of e-mail being your first contact, invest the time in calling that person. When you have them on the phone, ask a few questions about their experience, familiarity with the project you have in mind, availability, and most importantly, who will do the work. Some VA’s work in a team. If the work is going to a team member, ask about the qualifications of that person. It is essential to build trust and a solid rapport with your VA since this could become a lasting relationship. Always keep in mind; your VA wants your business to be more successful. The more they are kept informed of goals, the more input and suggestions they can provide, and the more they can make your life easier!

By turning over administrative tasks such as following up with clients or contacts, you free yourself to work on projects only you can do. A VA can track your sales and leads, and then provide you with the final reports for you to act on in that great way only you can do. Or, if you are expanding your business and don’t have the time to spend doing research or interviewing vendors, hand that over so that you can work at a higher level. Don’t create your own stress by taking on more than you have to do. Let your VA take on tasks you can delegate so that you can soar along with your business!