Why Don’t You Mind Your Own Business?

Mind Your Own Business!” Heard by everyone, used at least once by someone. “Mind Your Own Business” The statement used by someone who does not want you in their affairs.

Mind your own business…The Battle cry for the successful entrepreneur. How so you ask?

How many successful people do you know, who do not invest their time and energy into what they do? How many successful business do you know who do not have a committed owner\operator.

Everyday people all around who excel in their professions have their mind on one thing: The Business at hand

One day my cousin and I went to a department store to buy some clothes, my cousin John a picky young man decided that he wanted socks. We plowed into the men’s clothing department with a zeal of adventures. Tirelessly I waited for him to make a simple decision about socks. Eventually he decided on a group of thick socks to keep his feet warm during the winter. We walked towards the cashier, and a older gentleman stopped my cousin. John smiled at him and they talked about his business, and then John asked him a strange question. I found it odd that John would ask him the question, after all they were discussing his restaurant, and it’s growth, the amount of guests he was serving, so why would a simple questions like: “How are Marci and the Kids?” Be so odd?

My cousin John is a point of sale technician, he repairs and services point of sale computers, all over in San Diego county and several in the Los Angeles area.

John is a picky man in his private life, but in his business life, he is involved in his customers well being, their families, their business.

Because John’s Business is their business. By taking the time and energy to get to know their business’, he was minding his business. He took the extra step to understand, their business, and life, because that’s what he does. He “Minds His Own Business”. Entrepreneurs all over the world focus themselves to reach that extra level that many of us dream of, but hesitate to achieve. It is the spark for a fire that makes a business thrive and burn.

Success is not gained by allowing yourself to just let your business run itself the moment it starts, your Job is to “Mind Your Own Business” so that when it’s time to let it run, it does so, just like a wild fire.

How many business ventures have you attempted and failed, how many have succeeded? Of the ones that did can you say that “Minding your own business” was the reason why it succeeded? If it failed did you hold the attitude to keep it going?

Success can be hard and long, it can be gratifying, and even painful, but as long as we “Mind our own business’” I’ve come to know success, and I think you will too.

Avoid Home Business Scams

If you want to start an online business and learn how to make money online there are several things you should know. The first is that most opportunities are mere scams. Over 90% of all money-making schemes you see out there will do nothing more than taking your money, so it is important to learn how to recognize the real opportunities.

It is easy to fall in the temptation and purchase the first program you see. Their sales pages are well written and full of promises; some programs say you would be millionaire in no time or that you’ll make money doing nothing. Well, when you see claims like that you should be very careful, because that is one of the most common red flags that will help you identify a scam.

The truth is that there is no program, period, that will make you rich overnight, or that will make you money doing nothing. Real opportunities out there are not hyped. They promise realistic goals and expectations and you are required to do a little work. The good thing about them is that the work you are required to do is not like a job. You are going to work creating a system when you start, and then you will rake in the rewards for the months or even years to come.

The residual income you generate gives you time and money to move on and create other streams of income. This is the beauty of a home business, you create it and then in works on autopilot so you can always be making money online. This is important for anyone trying to achieve financial freedom. Whether you are tired of your job, retired, or a parent trying to spend more time with the kids, an online business is perhaps the best choice. You can start a home business without quitting your job, and once it is established you can say bye bye to your boss.

The beauty of a home business is that the investment required is minimum. Especially when you compare it with an offline business. For a regular business you have to pay for the property, employees, infrastructure, insurance, and a hundred things more. In a home business you don’t have to pay all this, but you must be aware of opportunities because you could lose 1000s of dollars in worthless programs and bad advertisement.

There are excellent programs that will help you in the different areas of your online business, but unfortunately the good products that will really help you make money are hard to find among all scams. This is why I recommend reading from an unbiased source and learn what the products are about before buying anything.

Cleveland Small Business Website Design – How to Make the Most of Your Website

No longer are websites only necessary for big corporations and those selling online…..a website is now almost an essential for any type and size of business! I mean, when you look at all the solid, useful benefits to your business, it is really an easy decision for most small business owners to take that plunge and put their businesses up in the virtual world.

But, you may wonder, since you do not do any business online, and all of your business is done locally, what are these “benefits” that a website will provide your business? Let’s take a look….

1) NEW BUSINESS - Probably the single most important function a site can provide for your business is a steady, permanent stream of new business. In the past, this could be compared to advertising in the phone book. Today, the ways in which people gather information has changed a little. Latest stats suggest that up to 80% of US consumers use the net to look for local businesses to frequent. This represents a tremendous opportunity for highly-targeted, very low-cost advertising for your business. Get a site, optimize it to hit these local searchers, and you will have a whole new outlet for gaining new business that works for you 24/7 and requires little to no cost to maintain!

2) Build Credibility - That’s right, it does not matter how anti-internet you are, the simple fact is that too many consumers are pro-internet! This means that many people actually expect you to have a site. They see a business with a sleek, professional site as more trustworthy and dedicated to whatever it is the business is doing. Why miss a chance to gain confidence from your prospective customers?

3) Communication - Communication can be expensive….a website can take away a lot of that expense! Through your website, you can keep customers informed of news/events/products of interest,etc., create mailing lists that allow you to market directly to your most responsive group with the click of a mouse, give more info about your business, and a wide assortment of other communication functions.

4) Maximize Other Advertising - When you place an ad, or send out printed material, one of the biggest challenges is getting as many points across as you can in a limited space. By being able to give interested prospects a way to learn more about you by putting your website address in your advertising, you can get even more information out without any extra cost. Theoretically, this should help you see an even better response from your advertising dollars.

There are other important reasons you should have a website for your small business, but the above reasons should be enough to at least get you thinking how and when you are going to get your business online.

Now, let’s take a look at what to look for and how to go about getting your site up…..

Fortunately, it no longer takes a small fortune to build a site for your business. In fact, if you are savvy enough, you could do it yourself for free! If you are on a very limited budget, this is ok, but I would still recommend hiring a professional company to help design and code your site. I say this for a couple of reasons….

1) Time Is Money - Your time is money. While it may sound romantic to build your own site, do you really have the time to invest to learn how and make sure it is going to look professional? You could learn accounting and do all of your own bookkeeping and taxes, but you are probably going to hire an accountant….this way you know it’s done right and you can spend your time focusing on what you do best….your business! Same theory here.

2) Technical Stuff - Do you also have time to learn about SEO, tags, content/keyword ratios, etc.? Each of these could very easily cover a whole course, yet they are essential to getting the most results from your site. What would take you weeks to months or more to learn are things a professional designer will already know and make sure are correct in your site. This is important, because it doesn’t matter how great your site looks, if you make mistakes in these arenas, your site will just sit out there in cyberspace and will not do what you need it to do.

With that said, I’m sure you can see the advantages to having your site built professionally. Now, when looking for a good design company, here are some key points to keep in mind during the interviewing process….

  • Pricing – Some designers work on a per-job basis, while others work on an hourly basis. This is something you want to know right away. Are you getting a flat-price, or are you subject to an hourly rate. And hourly rates can vary anwhere between $30/hr all the way to $100+/hr. Try to get a flat price if possible. Since you are most likely not doing anything complicated with your site, you should be able to find a designer who will give you a flat price. Be careful of a company who is hesitant to give you a good idea of cost. You don’t want a designer who says they work at $70/hr, then run 8 hours over their estimate.
  • Business Knowledge - Look, this may sound dumb, but it is very, very important! Many designers do excellent work, but they are not in the same mindset as you. They may be more focused on design and less on the end result for your business. Just like many accountants and bankers act as business consultants, so should a web designer. They should know the ins and outs of the online business climate and be able to guide you in the right direction.
  • Intellectual Property - You are paying for your site….it should be yours! Run the other way if a designer wants to keep your site as their property. I don’t need to elaborate on the problems this could cause! You want to hear or read that you are going to own the “source files”. Also, make sure you own your domain name.

You now should know why you need a website, as well as have the basic knowledge you need to figure out how to get one up. If you want a great place to learn more about small business website design, check out http://medinawebmarketing.com/small_businss_solutions [http://medinawebmarketing.com/small_business_solutions]