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How a Virtual Assistant Will Make Your Business Soar!

What is a virtual assistant (VA) anyway? A virtual assistant is a professional, who like you, has decided to go into business for his or her-self. VA’s are technically savvy individuals who provide their own office equipment and offer services they are highly skilled at and trained in. Their goal is to offer valuable skills and excellent project results so that you can focus on what only you can do best.

Why can’t you just hire temp help? Sure, you could, but wouldn’t you rather have someone dedicated to helping your business succeed? By engaging a VA, you are using the expertise of a business owner who can perform a range of sophisticated tasks and has the skills to get jobs done quickly and effectively. A VA already has all the training, software, equipment and office space required to start right away. There is no need to train and re-train a VA as you would with a temp or new hire. Also, when you hire people you pay them for more than their time. You pay for their personal calls, internet surfing and coffee breaks whether you acknowledge this or not.

The best ways to find a good VA are by referral or finding one who is a member of a larger virtual assistance organization, such as the International Association of Virtual Assistants VA’s who are active in industry-specific organizations tend to have more resources available to them to get a job done well. Also, additional certifications, such as QuickBooks Pro Advisor, can help indicate the credibility of a VA.

When first contacting a VA, instead of e-mail being your first contact, invest the time in calling that person. When you have them on the phone, ask a few questions about their experience, familiarity with the project you have in mind, availability, and most importantly, who will do the work. Some VA’s work in a team. If the work is going to a team member, ask about the qualifications of that person. It is essential to build trust and a solid rapport with your VA since this could become a lasting relationship. Always keep in mind; your VA wants your business to be more successful. The more they are kept informed of goals, the more input and suggestions they can provide, and the more they can make your life easier!

By turning over administrative tasks such as following up with clients or contacts, you free yourself to work on projects only you can do. A VA can track your sales and leads, and then provide you with the final reports for you to act on in that great way only you can do. Or, if you are expanding your business and don’t have the time to spend doing research or interviewing vendors, hand that over so that you can work at a higher level. Don’t create your own stress by taking on more than you have to do. Let your VA take on tasks you can delegate so that you can soar along with your business!

How to Start a Computer Repair Business

Many people who enjoy tinkering and working on computers may find it monetarily beneficial to start a computer repair business. With few materials and a little know-how, one can start a computer repair business in just a few days.

This first thing to have is a basic understanding of how a computer works and how each component plays a part in its operation. The best thing to do is to buy a few “junk” desktops or laptops and remove all parts such as the motherboard, graphics card, memory, power supply, etc., and then begin to put all the pieces back together. This will be good practice before you start working on actual customer’s computers.

If you need additional help with things like how to troubleshoot operating system problems or components of computer operation, many local community colleges offer weekend courses to take as a refresher. Once you are comfortable to start working on computers you can begin advertising in places such as the phone book, local shops, and on the internet.

You may also find it beneficial to franchise your business as it grows larger and becomes better know. Franchising your business will bring in much more money than having a standalone business, and it will expand your business’ name farther into farther communities.

There will be a few basic tools that you will in order to start a computer repair business. Some of these tools include:

o Small screwdriver set
o Pliers
o A KVM switch (so you can switch between multiple PC’s with only one monitor
o An anti-static wrist strap
o A small anti-static vacuum to clean the inside of desktops
o A workspace that is large enough to spread out all the parts of the computer you are working on and not mix up with other desktops
o Cable ties, electrical tape, small screws

It is also handy to keep on hand certain parts like memory, mice, basic cables for both older and newer machines, and keyboards. It is much more efficient to have these items on hand so you do not have to make several trips back and forth to get them. With Operating System problems it is best to get the necessary installation discs from the customer if possible as it will save time spent working on the machine.

Your success as a reputable computer repair person will depend on your performance in fixing the customer’s computer as well as the time frame you fix it in. It is best to give an estimate for time of fix and stick to your word of when and how it will be fixed. If the customer knows what kind of problems they are dealing with up front and how long it will take, they will be much more likely to be repeat customers if you stand behind what you say. If you discover other problems with the computer, or necessary upgrades that should be made to the computer, make sure to tell the customer beforehand so there are no surprises when it comes time to collect for all of your hard work.

Your scope of work may change after you begin your start your computer repair business. Some people enjoy working on both laptops and desktops, while others enjoy working strictly on desktops because there is much more space inside them to work on, as well as many readily available upgrades for them.

The Other Puerto Vallarta Property Choice – Land Investment

If you have been considering buying a Puerto Vallarta property, you have probably considered buying a condo, or perhaps a villa with a view of the ocean. One option not to overlook, however, is the possibility of Puerto Vallarta land.

Although land has been receiving less attention recently due to the large amount of new condominiums available for excellent prices, land continues to be a viable investment, available for very accessible prices in good locations.

One of the possibilities to consider in Puerto Vallarta landis the up-and-coming hillside neighborhoods near downtown. These neighborhoods offer close access to the restaurants, cafes and culture of the old town as well as the shopping, dining and nightlife of the boardwalk, and are just beginning to catch the attention of international real estate buyers and large-scale developers. Lots can be found for good prices for this reason, and often offer beautiful views of the bay and the surrounding Sierra Madre mountains.

Another option to consider are some of the new development areas near Marina Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta. Developments in this area can offer a very positive community atmosphere, with well designed new homes. Lots can be found for a reasonable price that are large enough for a spacious construction and a comfortable yard area, with close access to new shopping centers, as well as the beachfront.

In some of the luxury areas just south of downtown, lots in high-end communities just off the beachfront can also be found. While these lots come at a higher price, they still offer savings from buying a completed home.

Lots in general also offer the benefit of allowing you as the owner to choose a design suitable to your needs and tastes.

The price of lots can vary from under $60,000 USD, to over $2 million for large luxury lots or commercial plots, with many options in between. If you are buying property in Puerto Vallarta, talk to your agent about the possibility of land; it could very well be an ideal option for your dream lifestyle or investment in Puerto Vallarta.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely