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Do Home Based Businesses Really Work Or They Are All Scams?

This question is asked more and more all over the Internet and the answers are usually something like this: “Yes, and you can find out more at my website Make” or “Most of home based businesses are scams, but not mine: “” and it’s obvious where this kind of answers are coming from.

Somehow we’ve arrived to a situation when general public believes that there are two different types of business: “real business”, where you have to invest money, time, effort and where you have to actually work hard in order to achieve any kind of success and “home based” or “Internet based business”, where you don’t have to work at all and where you can make at least one million dollars in a very short time without any effort whatsoever. The only problem is that there are “scams” out there and you need to make sure you don’t get into one of them.

Here is a thing: any Internet based business and any home based business opportunity is still a BUSINESS. Like any other business it must have a product, it must have a customer and there has to be a way to sell that product to a customer.

The profit is always created from the event of sale! Period.

There are no magic businesses out there that will create a fortune for you just because you are so special!

Get real!

You don’t walk into a car dealership and ask a salesperson: “Do you have any fast and reliable cars or all of them are “lemons?” Or do you?

We are all aware about “scams,” we are aware about “lemons,” we are aware about the pot holes under the water – we still drive through them, just slower.

Yes, Internet based business has some unique features: low cost of manufacturing the product, low cost of delivering the product, potentially very large customer base, ability to delegate nearly a hundred percent of all the aspects of it, ability to set it on autopilot, but it is still a business that you have to run yourself and you need to know how to run it.

Main thing is – it’s not the business that makes money, it’s the business owner.

How about a restaurant, or a laundromat, a car-wash, a day-care? Do any of them really work or they are all scams?

You make it profitable and you make it a disaster!

For me, as for a guy who’s been through a number of brick-and-mortar businesses, Internet marketing is a logical choice, but if you are looking for some miraculous business opportunity where you don’t have to do anything – you are out of luck here.

Ultimately, you need to figure out first if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, if you understand the consequences about being in charge and relying only on yourself – the risk is higher, but the reword is worth it!

Go read Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” first and see if you are even interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

You can not at the same time be a full time office worker with $35,000 per year and on the side in your spare time make a fortune in a home based business. That’s not how it works.

Home based businesses do work, there is nothing wrong with them. After all it’s just another business, why wouldn’t it work? But make sure you realize that you will have to work at it in order to succeed, like in any other business.